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Wednesday, June 27th, 2001
10:22 am - Teacher Student Relations (my Perspective)
(This story is written by me, recognize the style? I hope so..., enjoy)

I walked into class that day dressed to turn heads. I wore my lilac, knit halter-top that innocently exposed the tanned skin of my stomach and teased the midst of my naval. Along with that, I wore a short khaki skirt and a pair of high-healed sandals. I couldnt help but notice the way most of the guys in the class cocked their heads in a nonchalant manner to sneak a quick peak at me, that alone made my cheeks fill with a tinge of red.

I seated myself in the front row, hoping that you would take notice of me for a change. Normally, I would always sit in the far back and eagerly take notes, playing the role of the ideal student. Yet, you never noticed me then. I realized Id have to be bold, and I was prepared. My mind was set, I wanted you and I wanted you bad. I was tired of fantasizing about you before I went to bed, and then having to force myself to calm down and sleep. I wanted the real thing now, and I was more than confident that I could get it.

At the very last minute you walked in, I scoffed as I saw some of the other girls letting their eyes wander over your toned physique. Calmly, I folded one tanned leg over the other, my eyes retreating to my notebook as you glanced in my direction. You began your normal lecture routine and I tried to stay focused on what you were saying, but found myself only listening for the sake of hearing your deep voice, erotic shivers instantly trailing up the length of my spine. I gasped aloud, and immediately you turned your head, looking me straight into my hazel eyes. I felt embarrassed suddenly, yet your expression almost seemed inviting, so I continued to hold that gaze not daring to look away.

A half smile sprawled across my full lips as I saw your eyes flicker and widen, trailing over my physique. I knew at that instant you were hooked, and my confidence soared. I took a deep breath, inching forward leisurely, just enough so that I knew from where you were standing you could easily see down my revealing top. Twisting a strand of my hair about my index finger, I continued to watch you talk, running the tip of my tongue over the smooth curve of my upper lip.

I wanted to laugh when I saw your jaw drop, clearly intrigued, but yet struggling to maintain your train of thought. My smile only widened as I uncrossed and then parted my legs, resting my hands lightly upon my thighs. Seeing the look on your face after that made me very wet, your eyebrows knitting together. Slowly, began to tease my own thighs, inching only my fingertips upward. The clingy material of my skirt ascended naturally, revealing the white silk panties I was wearing. I wondered if you saw the wetness gleaming between my thighs, all of this just from watching and listening to you. You must have been looking, after a moment you parted your lips and then cleared your throat.

Well, that covers the basic concepts I had hoped to addressed. I think you all have a clear understanding, class dismissed and dont forget your compositions are due next Tuesday.

I quickly rose from my seat, ready to follow the masses of students who were eagerly heading out the door. Then, I felt someone clutching my wrist, drawing me away from the parting students. At first I pull forth, but then turn around, shocked to see it is you holding me in place. A few loose strands of hair fall into my face as I begin to redden, not sure what exactly to do. You speak first.

Stacey, that was quite a show you were putting on today in class, would you care to explain yourself.

I open my mouth yet cant seem to find the right words. I merely shrug, hoping youll keep holding me like that. Somehow, I manage a few words.

Im sorry Professor I hadnt meant to.

Before I can finish I feel the palm of your hand linger up my arm, giving me a firm squeeze. Our eyes connect again and it is as if a jolt of electricity has just passed through my trembling body. At last, you seal the remaining space between us, pressing your lips forcefully to mine. I dont protest, instead I kiss you back, conveying my long suppressed lust. Our tongues meet, intertwining delicately while your hand moves to my ass, gripping it with a strong hand. I give a breathy moan as you draw away from me, your smirk devious, provoking.

This isnt exactly the best place to do this, why dont you meet me outside the Student Union around 11 oclock tonight.

I give an anxious nod, then turn on my heal, hurrying straight for the door.

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Tuesday, June 26th, 2001
9:24 am - Teacher Student Relations...
This is a little story that someone is writing all about me, I thought I'd share it with you. Just for information purpose I am 19 and he is 32, Nancy is 32 as well... enjoy:

I ran into my friend Nancy, who teaches in my department, at a faculty gathering after work. Nancy was very attractive, with long dark hair, about 59, slim, but with an excellent athletic figure. We had a few drinks together and got to talking about relationships. She was recently separated from her husband and had started dating again. She confided to me that at 32 she thought she was hitting her sexual peak. I think about it all the time, even in class, she said, with a grin. After a few more drinks she asked if I could keep a secret. I have so many sexy girls in my classes, Ive always wanted to take one home with me. She said it had been some time since she had been with another woman.
I told her maybe her wish could come true. Oh? she said, leaning closer, Tell me how..
I told her about a pretty blonde girl in one of my classes, Stacey, who Id had my eye on for some time. After I described you to her she said she thought shed seen you around the department. Nancy leaned closer and asked what I thought about arranging something between us. I said I would invite you to my office on Friday afternoon. Most of the staff would be gone for the day. I asked Nancy if shed like to stop by. She agreed enthusiastically, and I told her I would ask you to come by on Friday.

On Friday at about 4:00 I hear a knock at my office door. I ask you to come in. Youre looking very wholesome and sexy, with a knee-length baby blue skirt, a tight white tank top, and sandals. I ask you to sit down. I quickly get to the point and tell you that I think we should get to know each other better, and I that know that you look at me in class. I say this as I take my hand and start to run it up your thigh. Your face turns away from me as you blush. Professor, Im sorry, I dont think I can do that.
Nonsense, I say, I expect you to do as I say, is that clear? I think we
can get along very nicely. Now, the first thing I want you to do is shut the door. I can see you hesitate, as if considering, and then look into my eyes and nod. You get up and shut the door.
I tell you to come and stand in front of me. I look over your body closely, and ask you to turn around for me. I can see your nipples harden under your tank top as I stare at your young body.
I order you to take off your tank top, which you do, releasing your breasts and swollen nipples, just waiting to be touched. I then tell you to remove your skirt, and you slide it to the floor. I can see you start to fidget, standing in front of me almost completely naked, exposed to my eyes. Next I order you to take off your panties, and as you slide them down I catch a glimpse of your wetness.
When you are completely naked and standing in front of me I order you to lie down on my couch. You lie down on the couch, and I take out some silk neckties from my desk drawer. I ask you to hold out your hands, and when you hesitate, say Now, with some menace in my voice. You immediately comply, and hold out your hands. I tie them snugly, but not too tightly to the legs of the couch. I do the same with your legs, until youre completely tied up to the couch. I can see you start to breathe harder, as you wonder what will happen next.
At that moment I hear a soft knock at the door. You look up, surprised, not expecting anyone to be around. I smile and tell you I have a surprise lined up for you. I open the door, and theres Nancy, in a short black cocktail dress. I invite her in. When she sees you naked and spread out on the couch her smile turns into a look of amazement. I have a present for you, I say. I turn to you. Stacey, this is Nancy, I want you two to get to know each other. Nancy turns to me with a gleam in her eye and walks over to the couch

(Granted, this isn't my writing... but I thought you'd like it anyway!)

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Wednesday, June 20th, 2001
2:39 pm - The First Post
We had been driving around for hours trying to find our way to your Mothers house. We must have taken a wrong turn somewhere along the way, and by that time I had given up and settled into the car seat, trying to ease my nerves by sleeping. The rapid rain didnt make our condition any better, and I can tell by the way his brows were furrowed that he was near exploding. His fists clutching tightly to the steering wheel, leaving him white knuckled. I hate to see him so upset, so I lean forth and press a soft kiss to his cheek, assuring him that things will be fine once we find the main road again. He looks to me and forces a smile, I always melt when I see him like this. He looks like a little boy trying to play the part of the big man, his dark hair disheveled from frustration.

I lay back in my seat once again, listening to the light tapping the rain makes upon the front window, a few streaks of illuminant lightening can be seen in the far distance. There has always been something about thunderstorms that has excited me. I cant exactly tell what it is. Maybe its the way the clouds roll majestically in the dark sky, or the storms natural climax, from loud to soft over and over again. My thoughts begin to wander, but I am soon awakened by a thunderous roar.

I look over to him once more, his gray eyes are still focused intently upon the road, then let my hand rest lightly on his knee. He doesnt seem to notice this, his mind too absorbed on his driving. So, I let my hand slide upward very slowly, kneading along the inner muscles. Still I get no response, this becomes a game for me. I grow impatient, slipping my hand right between his legs just as another streak of lightening brightens the sky. This time, he takes notice, his eyes widening as his expression becomes somewhat dazed. He looks down at my hand and gives a vague half smile.

What are you doing, baby?

I dont feel like I should have to answer that question, my hand already rubbing carefully, feeling the sudden hardness stir within his pants. I clear my throat, then lean over, sealing my moist lips to the side of his neck. My breath is warm upon his skin as my tongue darts outward, flicking over the salty flesh. He gives a breathy moan as my hand moves in an up and down motion, my lips tightening as I nibble from his ear to his shoulder.

Oh God baby, I cant do this while driving

I give a light laugh, So, pull over.

He steers to the side of the road, a vacant side street that no one really seems to pass. I lick his ear then smile, moving away from him to get out of the car. I step outside into the rain, feeling the large droplets of water soak through my white tank top. I wait for him to get out of the car as well as cold shivers linger along my spine.

As soon as he locks the doors he jogs over to me, his eyes misted with excitement. He grabs me, pulling me into his arms and begins to walk forward, taking me into the near grassy plains. My heart begins to race within my chest as I feel his firm body pressing close, my eyes looking up to the thundering skies. He immediately lays me down upon the grass, licking the rain drops off of my upper chest. His tongue sinking between the crest that separates my full breasts as I feel my nipples tighten into an erect state, hushed moans escaping my lips.

He grunts, then hikes my tank top upward. His rough hands smoothing over my stomach as he searches for what he wants, pressing his lips to one of my nipples, his teeth grazing ever so softly then gently biting. I gasp, pulling him closer to me, letting his muscular chest crush mine. My hand lowers, fumbling to unfasten his belt and pants.

I can feel his hard cock rubbing against my inner thigh as he lowers his pants, kicking them away. This makes my head spin, he takes his belt and looks to me with that wicked smile. I tremble, perhaps from fear, or perhaps from seeing him look at me in that manner. He clasps my wrists together, then binds them like this with his belt. The thick leather restraining my hands and wrists from any motion, a tingling sensation entering the tips of my fingers from lack of blood circulation. My eyes become helpless, but he feeds off of that. His head now buried against my stomach, lapping around my naval with the tip of his tongue.

His moist lips ascend, kissing every inch of my skin that he passes, then finally he closes his mouth to mine. I lift my leg as he grinds against me, the thunder over head shaking the very ground we lye upon. His hands ease my skirt up to my waist, then push the silk fabric of my panties to the side. I groan as I feel his thumb teasing my clit in small circles, one finer inserting itself into my tight confines. That finger works itself faster and faster, lavishing itself with my juices, smearing my own liquids upon my inner thighs. My hips raise to his fingers, meeting the rapid thrusts, whimpering as he presses his palm to my clit and massages roughly.

He finally rips my panties off, unable to work around them any longer. That tainted smirk crossing his lips before he nestles his mouth between my legs. Lapping away the juices that stain my thighs, his teeth nibbling playfully on my clit. I cant stand it anymore, my head tosses from side to side as I cum, panting as I struggle to breathe. He doesnt stop, his mouth ravenously exploring me, letting his tongue retreat into me, swirling around. I clench the grass, the small of my back arched. His own cock throbbing as he looks up to me, licking my juices from his lips.

Without another word, he grabs me by the waist, positioning me so that I am on top of him, resting upon his erect penis. I begin to rotate my hips slowly, just to tease him, my body still restless from my first orgasm. The rain drenches us both, the water funneling down our bodies, mixing with our sweat. I have a hard time balancing like this with my hands bound so tightly, yet he shows no mercy. His hands rest upon my hips, holding me still. I bend down to press a soft kiss to his lips. He catches this, drawing my upper lip into his mouth, sucking softly.

I want you to ride me sweetie, he says, his tone calm yet encouraging.

It doesnt take much more, I lift my hips, letting the tip of his pulsing cock slide against my slit, eagerly rocking back and forth to pleasure him like this. His eyes heavily flutter, then at last close as his jaw drops, coarse moans given. I watch him, his handsome face seeming so tormented as I tease him like this, denying him entrance into me. He grows impatient, taking my hips and slamming them downward, impaling me upon his rock hard penis. I cry aloud, but he doesnt hear me, his hands continuous lifting and lowering my hips, his cock thrusting forth into me rapidly over and over. The clouds part above, releasing cold showers that cause my body to shiver. The mixture of his hot body and the cool waters making my limbs tremble.

He groans, lifting his hips to meet mine, stretching my inner muscles to the limit with the power of his steady thrusts. My eyes squeeze shut, it hurts to be ravaged so forcefully, yet it feels so good. His hands lift to grope my heaving breasts as I begin my own vigorous pace, twisting myself around his thick shaft, moaning every time his thrusts match mine.

Oh yesss baby, thats it, he grunts.

I can feel his shaft pulsing within me, the heated rod piercing me as I encircle it, letting it bury itself in my tight confines. His hips buck rapidly, causing me to slam even harder against him. Then, he clenches his jaw, cumming inside of me, his liquids shooting into my depths and then trickling down my thighs. This pushes my over the edge, making me cum with him. Our bodies straining against one another as I thrust my hips forth, every inch of me vibrating with delight. He moans loudly, gripping my hips and squeezing, making me ride him faster.

I look upward to see that the storm is settling as we lay together in the grass buried in each others arms, neither one of us wanting to move from sheer exhaustion.

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